Oxbow Schoolhouse About

“Learning is experience.  Everything else is just information.” – Albert Einstein

Our Mission

Oxbow Schoolhouse exists to provide an affordable, Waldorf-inspired, elementary education to local families. Recognizing and honoring the unique spirit and potential in each child, as well as the stages of childhood, Oxbow Schoolhouse offers a rich, integrated curriculum of academics, artistic work, and practical skills. Together with the wider Oxbow community, our staff are devoted to awakening within the students the warmth of heart, clarity of thought, and strength of purpose that will set a sturdy foundation for a life-long love of learning and achievement.

Our Program

Oxbow Schoolhouse is a community-based independent school program serving children from PK to grade 6. The inspiration for its inception came originally from parents and teachers at Evergreen Garden Playschool, a Waldorf early childhood program.

Oxbow Schoolhouse currently operates with exceptional student-teacher ratios and offers a time-tested, developmentally appropriate program that engages the whole child (“head, heart, hands”). In addition to an elementary foundation in mathematics, reading, and writing, students at Oxbow Schoolhouse participate in music, painting, Spanish, movement, yoga, and handwork on a regular basis. The faculty strives to recognize the unique gifts of and bring out the best in each child.

Our Curriculum

A rich curriculum, including mathematics, the sciences, humanities and language arts is interwoven with water color painting, outdoor play, building projects, handwork, baking, cooking, and the celebration of seasonal festivals.

Students actively create their own knowledge and understanding by connecting new learning to prior knowledge and experiences.

A deep connection to nature and a respect for one’s environment (both indoors and out) is supported through the use of high quality, natural materials as well as seasonal studies and outdoor educational activities. Harmonious daily rhythms, seasonal stories, and the practical arts (like knitting, woodworking, cooking and baking) bring rich experiences to children and help reinforce cooperative and respectful attitudes.

Through project-based learning, students tackle a challenging academic curriculum in ways that are fun, engaging, meaningful and adaptable to a variety of learning styles.

Our Philosophy

Oxbow Schoolhouse is a program whose founding members were, and continue to be, inspired by the Waldorf/Steiner education movement. It is our philosophy that we must be responsive to the developmental phases of childhood. We believe a well-rounded education is one that educates the whole child, “head, heart and hands,” and takes into account intellectual learning, basic skills training, the cultivation of balanced feelings, and the ability to initiate and complete actions out of one’s own strength of will. It is our belief that the experience our students have at Oxbow Schoolhouse will lay the foundation for a life of creative thinking, self-sufficiency and enthusiasm for learning.

Oxbow Schoolhouse is Proud to Offer…

  • An affordable option for a rich and meaningful elementary education
  • A dynamic and thought-provoking classical curriculum
  • A developmentally-based, hands-on learning environment inspired by Waldorf education methods
  • Small class size
  • An emphasis on the arts
  • Immersion Spanish classes
  • Ample daily outdoor time in all kinds of weather
  • A focus on respect, rhythm and routine intended to provide the foundation for a well-balanced life

Oxbow Schoolhouse Newsletters

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